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December 3, 2019


Teresa impressed me when she honored a prior commitment to come to Monroe County instead of going to a much bigger Democratic campaign event in a larger city. Not many candidates would do that. Teresa demonstrated that we can trust her word. She also showed that she respects and values all Georgians. As a veteran, I know that we must have leaders that we can trust. That’s why I am supporting Teresa Tomlinson for U.S. Senate. She has the character and priorities to lead us honorably.”

George Langford

Brief Bio

George Langford, a native of Monroe County in Georgia, is an Army Veteran and a retiree from the GA Department Veterans Service as their Director of Claims/Appeals. He is a former member of the VFW National Legislative Committee and he sits on the Emory Law School Veterans Clinic Advisory Board.

Buckner received a Bachelor of Science from Clayton State University with an emphasis in Integrated Studies and Communications.

Tomlinson Endorsement Announcement Process

Throughout the United States Senate Race in Georgia, the Tomlinson Campaign will be releasing endorsements of those insisting on better leadership for Georgians. Each is committed to #TeamTomlinson and will be working to flip not just Georgia, but the US Senate in 2020.

Endorsements will be released on multiple social media platforms and through traditional press release.

Contact: Nicole Henderson, nicole@teresatomlinson.com, 404-939-1594.





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