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Political Rewind: Kemp To Ask For Medicaid Waivers, Some Expansion

On this edition of Political Rewind, Governor Kemp says he’ll ask the legislature to approve a plan for Medicaid waivers that will make health care more available to poor and middle-class Georgians. How will the plan fare among lawmakers and Georgia voters? The battle for the North Metro Atlanta suburbs is about to heat up. GOP Congressman Rob Woodall says he won’t run for a second term. Democrats see it as a chance to pick up the seat, but a host of candidates in both parties are preparing to run in 2020. Plus, Stacey Abrams made a splash on the…

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Teresa Tomlinson Encourages the Grassroots Democrats Who Are Making Georgia a “Blue” State

There's never been a more important time to be a Democrat in Georgia! "I want to tell you how important the work you do is. You've been tilling the field for a very long time and, finally, the harvest is here. We are, indeed, a Blue State. The truth is, we've been a Blue State for years, but Democrats don't vote and when they do vote, their votes aren't being counted. So, your efforts, your leadership in getting people to the polls is crucial. It increases voter volume to help outweigh the bad voting process we have. We have to…

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March On 2020 Rally: “We Can’t Stop Now!”

Teresa Tomlinson tells the crowd at the March On to 2020 rally in Atlanta, Georgia: "It is because of you that Democrats flipped 14 seats in the Georgia State Legislature. It is because of you that we sent Lucy McBath to the U.S. House of Representatives. And, it is because of you that we flipped Congress. But, we can't stop now. We can't stop until we have: stamped out voter suppression; established a financial infrastructure where people have access to affordable healthcare, livable wages and affordable childcare; convinced people that government is an important partner in our prosperity and that…

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Columbus Mayor Serves Up Stark Insight into Her Political Genesis, Advice Women Should Heed

By Tony Adams Originally published Nov. 28, 2018 on A little more than five weeks from completing her eight-year term as the 69th mayor of Columbus, Teresa Tomlinson, during a Women in Business luncheon Wednesday, recalled one of the defining moments of her decision to seek the city’s highest office. The attorney and then-executive director of MidTown Inc. had sought the opinion of a well-known and respected city politico in Columbus, with the two meeting for lunch at the Burger King on Wynnton Road. This came after others in the community had suggested she should possibly run for mayor.…

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Teresa Tomlinson: “Lucy McBath Turned Personal Tragedy into Mission to Serve”

Woman are heading to the US House of Representatives in record numbers, with at least 40 women of color included in the winners circle. Notable among them is Democrat and gun control advocate Lucy McBath—mother of fatal shooting victim Jordan Davis. She won her Georgia midterms race for Congress in a traditionally Republican district. Teresa Tomlinson joins Joy Reid and her panel to discuss.

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More Women Are Emerging in National Politics, but Georgia Local Office Is a Little Closer to Parity

Women are getting on the tops of ballots in record numbers this year, inching toward a still far-off scenario of gender parity in highest office. But in some of the more modest chambers of Georgia’s local governments, women are already a little less rare. Joanie Rainey had been a teacher for more than two decades before she was elected to chair the Twiggs County Board of Education. Much of that time she spent teaching outside of Twiggs’ relatively small system, which counts about 800 students.
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