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Cathy Woolard Endorses Teresa Tomlinson for U.S. Senate

Teresa Tomlinson is the only U.S. Senate candidate who truly understands the infrastructure needs of our state. Our statewide transportation crisis needs urgent attention from Washington. We have gone far too long without leadership in these critical areas. Teresa’s ability to tackle important challenges head on is one of the many things that distinguish her from David Perdue. Join me in supporting Teresa Tomlinson as our next U. S. Senator and let’s give David Perdue a speedy retirement.”

— Former Atlanta City Council President Cathy Woolard

Brief Bio

Cathy Woolard was the first openly gay elected official in Georgia when she joined the Atlanta City Council in 1997. As a District 6 City Council member, Cathy became a prominent voice on multi-modal transportation issues – specifically the Atlanta BeltLine – and on civil rights issues related to housing, employment and public accommodations. She served as president of the Atlanta City Council from 2002 to 2004.

Cathy was a U. S. Peace Corps volunteer in Micronesia. She has held senior executive positions at CARE, League of Conservation Voters, and the Human Rights Campaign. Cathy is currently a public affairs consultant to companies and organizations committed to diversity, inclusion and corporate social responsibility. Cathy and her wife, Karen Geney, have been together for 32 years. They live in the Grant Park neighborhood in southeast Atlanta.

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Tomlinson Endorsement Announcement Process

Throughout the United States Senate Race in Georgia, the Tomlinson Campaign will be releasing endorsements of those insisting on better leadership for Georgians. Each is committed to #TeamTomlinson and will be working to flip not just Georgia, but the U.S. Senate in 2020.

Endorsements will be released on multiple social media platforms and through traditional press release.

Contact: Nicole Henderson,, 404-939-1594.





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