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  Let’s face it, climate deniers owe former Vice President Al Gore and former President Jimmy Carter an apology. Both Gore and Carter have been telling us for decades that climate change was an imminent threat, but their truth was politically inconvenient. The first scientific paper on the threat of carbon production to global temperatures was written in 1896. We have wasted the time we had to address this issue in a slow or incremental fashion. We now have little time to act and resolve what every legitimate subject matter expert says will be calamitous. From farmers to fishermen, from people who live inland, to people who live on the coast — we all have seen the effects of the earth’s warming. All the while, our current elected leadership sits in denial.


During my tenure as Mayor of Columbus, Georgia, we made the environment a priority — rethinking how public investment can help us tackle climate change and related environmental threats. For instance, we completed a feasibility study for a high-speed passenger rail line from the Columbus Airport to Hartsfield-Jackson, created 66 miles of an interconnected alternative transportation grid, removed an underground fuel storage tank farm from the banks of the Chattahoochee River, switched our public transit buses to hybrid power, improved the efficiency of our public transit system, and repaired and updated our stormwater sewer systems. If Columbus can do all this — if the U.S. could eradicate polio, implement the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe and send a man to the moon — we can seize the opportunity to save our earth and in doing so create high-paying jobs in this new green economy. We can build the future!

— Teresa Tomlinson


  • I support a new, clean economy for our state and our nation because it will create millions of jobs as we: 1) construct a new power grid; 2) manufacture turbines and solar energy equipment; 3) expand rail lines and energy efficient transportation infrastructure; and 4) develop programs for replacing lead pipes and weatherizing homes, among other opportunities. A new, clean economy will also lower energy costs for all Americans.
  • I support the Climate Action Now Act, which seeks to compel the current administration to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • I support accelerating and prioritizing federal investment and public/private partnerships in clean energy sources, and in updated domestic energy and transportation infrastructure, such as smart grids for renewable energy distribution, energy efficient manufacturing and low emissions public transit.
  • I support increased funding and public/private partnerships regarding the research for, and implementation of, carbon capture mechanisms.
  • I support removing political and regulatory barriers which inhibit the clean energy industry from reaching new customers.
  • I support reforms that will correct the carbon producing market through grants, partnerships, incentives and targeted carbon cost assessments, thereby requiring the carbon offenders to absorb the actual cost of their business, instead of passing those costs on to taxpayers in the form of disaster relief and other public costs of climate change mitigation and response.
  • I support utilizing Georgia’s abundant forest resources as carbon capture and sequestration mechanisms and building a marketable voluntary carbon registry.
  • I support extending federal Investment Tax Credit for Georgia solar power deployment.
  • I support extending the federal sales tax credit for electric vehicles and reinstating a Georgia sales tax credit for alternative fueled vehicles to improve our air quality.

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