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November 8, 2019


Columbus, GA – The Trump-Perdue fundraiser and Black Voices for Trump launch may have raised eyebrows and halted traffic in Atlanta, but it did not distract Team Tomlinson. Members of Tomlinson’s staff designed catchy signage, put on their Tomlinson swag, and headed out to assure that those at the Black Voices for Trump protest would not be purged from the Georgia voter rolls. Tomlinson staffers helped protesters check their own voter status, and showed them how to help friends check their status.

“This team found a way to turn a negative situation into a positive one,” Tomlinson stated. “Although many of the individuals at today’s protest knew about the voter roll purge, they were unclear on how to check their registration status. People should not lose the right to vote simply because they have not recently participated in an election cycle.”

Tomlinson is a candidate for U.S. Senate and is running for the seat currently held by David Perdue, President Trump’s closest legislative ally, and some say enabler.

During her time as Mayor of Columbus, Teresa Tomlinson enacted a host of better-governing progressive policies which successfully increased the quality of life for Columbus residents while saving citizens tens of millions of dollars. Tomlinson reformed the city budget, including the employee healthcare and pension plans, decreased unemployment, instituted the Rapid Resolution Program to expeditiously resolve non-violent felony charges and reduce holding times for lower-grade crimes, turned around struggling neighborhoods, lowered crime by more than 40%, reduced homelessness, created 66 miles of an interconnected alternative transportation system, completed a feasibility study for high speed passenger rail from Columbus to Atlanta, made the public transit system more energy efficient, removed an environmental threat from the banks of the Chattahoochee River, and reinvigorated the city’s tourism industry – all while providing services at the lowest per capita rate of any major city in Georgia. Near the end of her second term, Columbus was named one of the 25 Best Run Cities in America.

Teresa Tomlinson is an eighth-generation Georgian whose mother came out of generational poverty in South Georgia. Teresa was born and raised in Atlanta and is a proud graduate of Georgia public schools. She graduated with a dual degree in government and economics from Sweet Briar College, an all-women’s college, before earning her law degree from Emory University.

Contact: Nicole Henderson, nicole@teresatomlinson.com, 404-939-1594.





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