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    My mom comes from generational poverty in rural South Georgia. Her climb to the middle-class was about as likely as winning at the Roulette table, and, yet, as a white woman of that era, the hurdles she faced were not as high or insurmountable as her black contemporaries. Too many continue to face hurdles. Access to the American Dream cannot be left to serendipity or skin color.

Our outdated 20th century civic and economic infrastructure is resulting in an increasing wealth gap and civic disenfranchisement that simply aren’t sustainable. Updating and correcting our current structures can resolve baked-in inequities, broaden the middle-class, increase economic growth and create civic stability that will carry us through the 21st century and inure to all our best interests. This effort will prepare us for our future and allow us to prosper as a people and as a country.

— Teresa Tomlinson


  • A New Civic Infrastructure consists of: ensuring voter rights in all 50 states; correcting a justice system that results in mass incarceration; stopping the crisis at our border; reforming our immigration system; eliminating education inequity; ensuring we live free of gun violence; supporting basic bodily autonomy for women; and recognizing the equality of all citizens (including LGBTQ+ citizens) to pursue and enjoy our inalienable rights.
  • I propose a restructuring of our current inefficient civic and economic infrastructure, by directly addressing systemic issues which for generations have perpetuated poverty and suppressed minority prosperity. Doing so will broaden the middle-class, enhance civic stability, create economic stimulus and make America stronger. Fundamentally correcting institutionalized civic and economic bias – whether racial, gender, or income based – is long overdue.
  • A New Economic Infrastructure consists of: providing universal healthcare by expanding Medicare and Medicaid while allowing people to keep their private health insurance; establishing a fair wage and a mechanism to have that wage keep pace with inflation; rethinking our tax system to grow the middle-class and strengthen pathways for those climbing out of poverty; ending the racial and gender wealth gaps and finding a way that all of our people have access to capital, power, and prosperity; addressing the trillion dollar impact of climate change; and retooling and retraining our job force to withstand increasing automation and globalization.
  • In addition to the foregoing legislative efforts to strengthen our nation’s prosperity and our promise of equality, I support HR40 and S.1083, which call for the creation of a panel of experts to determine the best way we can address racial injustices to black Americans stemming from slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, wealth gap, mass incarceration, voter suppression, and other systemic disenfranchisement based on racial heritage.

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