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Ad highlights multiple civil rights icons and present day warriors who have endorsed Tomlinson’s campaign for U.S. Senate

Columbus, GAToday, Teresa Tomlinson, candidate for U.S. Senate from Georgia, releases her second television ad showcasing multiple civil rights leaders who are supporting the campaign, including Ambassador Andrew Young, Martin Luther King III and baseball legend Hank Aaron, among many others.

In releasing the ad, former Congressman, Atlanta Mayor and Ambassador Andrew Young offered the following statement:

I have been a witness to history during the Martin Luther King, Jr. era, the Maynard Jackson era and the Mandela era. I know what it means to fight for justice. Teresa Tomlinson had to fight to get access to the American Dream, and then she turned around and fought her entire life to ensure all people had access, too. As a lawyer, mayor, public safety director and head of Homeland Security, she is the embodiment of the leader America needs now.  She walks the walk on ending racial and income disparity – she’s a doer, not a talker – and that’s why  she has won my support and the support of dozens who for decades have been in the trenches of civil rights, justice and good government.”

Ambassador Young can also be heard via a radio ad that is currently airing statewide.

Tomlinson stated, “Donald Trump and David Perdue have turned back the clock on our basic human rights and dignity – the very things these icons fought and sacrificed for. We cannot allow this to stand. I can and will continue the fight for racial equality and justice in the U.S. Senate, and that’s what is on the Primary ballot June 9.”

Tomlinson was twice elected Mayor of Columbus, each time with more than 60%, in a majority African-American city. She also served as Public Safety Director and head of Homeland Security, and she holds a National Security Secret Clearance with the Department of Defense. As mayor, she helped propel the city to be named one of the 25 Best Run Cities in America. As a proud Democrat, Tomlinson is strongly pro-choice, supports universal health care,  is committed to strong environmental protections to address climate change, supports common sense gun legislation and will fight tirelessly against voter suppression and racial discrimination.  

Teresa has also been endorsed by Democracy for America, the National Organization of Women PAC, Asian American Advocacy Fund, and over 60 Democratic leaders and activists from every region and every walk of life in Georgia. 

This is Tomlinson’s second commercial in the Georgia Democratic Primary race to be held on June 9. Check out her first commercial, “Invisible Senator,” HERE.




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