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I wept upon hearing the audio of a 6-year-old girl at our nation’s southern border pleading with ICE agents to call her aunt at a number you full well know her mother had helped her memorize.

Our immigration system is broken and the politicians in Washington are failing to fix it. In order to address the challenge, we need to admit some basic truths: 1) This nation is built on the strength of immigrants; 2) The Trump child separation “deterrence” policy is inhumane, un-American and does not work; 3) Seeking asylum or being a child refugee is not a crime; 4) We can maintain secure borders without caging people or holding them indefinitely in detention centers; and 5) Our nation is dependent on immigration to maintain its economic growth and strength.

— Teresa Tomlinson


  • I will work to immediately end any policy that separates families or places refugees/migrants in cage-filled detention centers.
  • I believe DREAMers, or those eligible under the stringent DACA standards, should be made citizens without delay.
  • I believe there should be a path to citizenship for those people who work hard, pay taxes, and want a better life.
  • I believe that family migration provides stability and strengthens our communities. The President’s own family has benefited from visa preference provided to immigrant relatives.
  • I support restoring aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador so as to stabilize their communities and address the root problems of violence and poverty at the source, instead of at our southern border.
  • I believe we need to invest resources in effective, secure, smart borders, not a costly, ineffective and symbolic “wall.”
  • I believe we need to invest in a speedy and just asylum review process, and in a humane family placement program for refugees.
  • I believe in the revamping of our visa process and in finding a fair and just way to resolve those who have overstayed their visas.
  • I believe that a functional migrant worker system is essential for Georgia’s agricultural and hospitality industries, and I will assist Georgia industries in reaching an effective restructuring of our immigration system.

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