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Teresa sees a 21st century world where our future is better than today and she knows how to get us there. She understands government is a tool to resolve our challenges and create a road map to our improved prosperity. As Mayor of Georgia’s second largest city, Teresa shook up the old way of doing things and made government work for the people. She will bring that strong progressive leadership to the U.S. Senate.

Washington is filled with dysfunction. These days, the US Senate looks more like the World Wrestling Federation than the world’s most deliberative legislative body. If we keep electing the same people that will not change. Teresa knows how to resolve dysfunction. She rethinks systemic failure and makes it work again. That’s what she did as a lawyer and as a mayor: She makes government work.

            Teresa shakes up the old way of doing things and makes government work for the people. She will bring that strong progressive leadership to the U.S. Senate.”


A New
Civic Infrastructure –
Justice For All

While we overcame the 20th century challenges of the Great Depression, WWII, and JIm Crow, today we face new systemic challenges nationally and globally. Teresa knows that if we are to grab our future and the prosperity our nation is capable of we will need a New Civic Infrastructure that addresses Voter Rights in all 50 states, addresses mass incarceration, stops our crisis at the border and reforms our immigration system, ensures that we live free from the onslaught of gun violence, and recognizes all of our citizens as entitled to the unalienable rights of equity and freedom from LGBTQ equality to basic bodily autonomy for women.


A New Financial
Infrastructure for
a Strong Economy

Similarly, Teresa knows our economic infrastructure is also a relic of the 20th century. We need to restructure a New Economic Infrastructure that provides universal healthcare by expanding Medicare and Medicaid while allowing people to keep their private health insurance; that establishes a fair wage and a mechanism to have that wage keep pace with inflation; that rethinks our tax system to grow the middle class and strengthen those climbing out of poverty; that ends the racial wealth gap and finds a way that all of our people have access to capital, power and prosperity, that addresses the trillion dollar impact climate change and begins to mitigate and resolve the indisputable emergency so long ignored by our nation’s leaders and that recognizes we now live in a digital age economy not an industrial age economy.


A Future-Forward

The world is changing. Climate change is altering our environment on an epic scale. Artificial intelligence will soon change the nature of our workforce. The digital economy impacts every aspect of our lives, from how we relate to each other, how we buy goods and services, how our elections are conducted, how we receive and track medical care and how we perform our jobs. All of these factors affect our national security and the type of military we need to defend against entirely new threats. Change can be unsettling and politicians often prey on fears and anxieties in a cynical bid to get elected. Not Teresa. Teresa believes that approaching these challenges as unprecedented new opportunities is the American way. In the Senate, Teresa will work to help America harness these opportunities, which requires leadership, vision and a willingness to throw away outdated playbooks and write new ones.

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