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New Bike Sharing Program Announced by Mayor Tomlinson

New Bike Sharing Program Announced By Mayor Tomlinson

Originally published on, May 16, 2017

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Listen up bike riders! The Mayor of Columbus makes an announcement regarding new biking plans for the city.

The announcement happened during the seventh annual bike ride with the mayor. Hundreds turned out for Tuesday’s five mile ride that was escorted by Columbus police. Mayor Teresa Tomlinson announced that we will now have three bike sharing areas, two downtown and one in Midtown.

The mayor explained how bike sharing works.

“These are gonna be opportunities for people to come by with their smart phones, rent bikes for the first thirty minutes free. So if you don’t have a bike, or it’s not convenient for you to bring your bike with yo, you can get one down here, ride one around on a Saturday, a Sunday particular shop has to be open. You can just access that bike and go and ride for a bit and come on back,” says Teresa Tomlinson.

The mayor says the exact locations for the Columbus bike shares will be released at a later date.

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