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     The United States Senate seat I seek was once held by the likes of Sam Nunn, Max Cleland, Wyche Fowler, and, though he was not of my political party, Saxby Chambliss.

All had a keen understanding of the United States’ role as a world leader. The current administration’s isolationist and unmoored foreign policy has disrupted the world norm and squandered untold U.S. goodwill and soft power assets.  The current administration has weakened traditional alliances, provoked confrontation, and enabled and emboldened hostile foreign powers. This approach is counter-intuitive and destabilizing. I intend to return the United States and this Senate seat, in particular, to the legacy of global democratic leadership. 

As our nation faces global threats from climate change, terrorism, the proliferation of nuclear weapons and uncertain trade and economic conditions, it is imperative that the United States brings its chair back to the negotiation table, rejoins the world order and reestablishes our role as a diplomatic and economic world leader.

— Teresa Tomlinson


  • Ensure that the United States once again partners with democracies around the globe to place freedom, human rights, prosperity and stability at the forefront of our foreign policy.
  • Restore America’s role as chief diplomat and ensure we are engaged in the important decision-making discussion that impact our global assets, our safety and security and our economic prosperity.
  • Restore America’s reputation as a stalwart, trusted member of any international treaty or agreement.
  • Support policies that rebuild and restore traditional alliances with allies of the United States.
  • Support policies which recognize that we are all connected and that the peace and prosperity of one nation inures to the benefit of all nations.
  • Support policies and efforts to bring the long-standing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to a safe, stable and honorable end.

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