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     As Mayor of Columbus, Georgia, I had the privilege to work with outstanding Generals, Garrison Commanders, and most importantly the rank and file men and women – and their families – serving this country at the Army’s Ft. Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence.

We worked together to enhance our shared quality of life, create spouse and post-service career opportunities, and reduce to Net Zero our veteran homeless population. We also partnered to leverage our respective resources for local economic development impact and enhanced military readiness. We fought against the negative effects of the Sequester. We worked to maximize the opportunities and efficiencies of Base Realignment and Closure efforts, and we joined together to meet the fluctuations of the drawdowns in the Middle East. We were a team: One Force, One Fight. It is this perspective of an interwoven community of interests that I will bring to the United States Senate. No longer will we make transactional only decisions about our military and national security needs that ignore the whole soldier – the totality of the sacrifice they make to service this country. 

Over 700,000 veterans and their families call Georgia home. Hugging flags at pep rallies, utilizing military assets in costly parades to feed the ego of a leader and otherwise politicizing our troops does not honor our military.  Georgia veterans, active duty members of the military and their families deserve leaders who give more than lip service to our military. Instead, they deserve – and will get in me – a legislative leader who will put them first in every equation.

— Teresa Tomlinson


  • Fulfill the intent of the Constitution by advocating for Congress to vote on the merits of all war actions, including the continuing war in Afghanistan.
  • Adequately resource the Department of Veterans Affairs to correct administrative inefficiencies and ineffectiveness, hire more doctors and mental health professionals, speed up the wait times for enrollment and screening systems and expand options for rural care.
  • Reject efforts to privatize the VA, as I will never support efforts that incentivize a profit motive over the health and well-being of our veterans.
  • Support veteran transition and career training to enhance civilian job opportunities.
  • Support Georgia’s military bases, always looking for opportunities to maximize our military and community resources and optimize our nation’s military readiness.
  • Be a fierce advocate for veteran’s services and programs to ensure no one who has served this country honorably faces homelessness, hunger, unemployment or an inability to afford a post-secondary education.

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