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Teresa Tomlinson on Un-American Trump/ Perdue Immigration Policy

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May 17, 2019

Teresa Tomlinson on Un-American Trump/Perdue Immigration Policy Proposal is no solution – highlights Washington dysfunction and partisan divide

COLUMBUS, GA (March 17, 2019) – Yesterday, President Donald Trump unveiled a new, discriminatory immigration proposal similar to that which Georgia Senator David Perdue has touted over the last several years — a system skewed toward the educated and elite and away from the uniquely American concept of the tired, poor and huddled masses “yearning to breathe free.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Sen. Perdue said this proposal will “bring the right kind of people in.”

Said Senate candidate and former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson:

“The American immigration system has always been about those scrappy and passionate enough to believe in the American Dream. Those are the immigrants who have made this country great from our earliest days — whether they are highly educated or not, poor or wealthy. In fact, the prototypical American story is someone who came to this country with nothing and built a life out of a dream. If our current work visa and family migration systems were good enough for the president’s own family, it’s hard to imagine why the president and Senator Perdue won’t allow others the same opportunities.

“This plan, further, does not address how we can build a strong, prosperous economy that works for everyone, from DREAMers to Georgia farmers to machinists and entrepreneurs. Inviting technology workers and professionals to America is wonderful, but how does that help our farmers? We need a compassionate immigration system that celebrates the ‘merit’ of the American Dream, not only the ‘merit’ of the elite.

“The proposal would deprioritize families, continue the boondoggle of ‘the wall’ and ignore the basic concept of asylum recognized by all people of good conscience.”


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