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Columbus, GA – While Georgia votes continue to be counted in the Democratic Primary race for Georgia’s senate seat currently held by David Perdue, this race appears to be headed into a run-off between Teresa Tomlinson and Jon Ossoff on August 11. In Georgia, candidates are required to win 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff.

“We are so grateful to all of the Georgia voters who heroically persevered to cast their votes. Now that most have been counted, it appears that for the third time in his political career, Jon Ossoff has failed to break the 50% needed to avoid a runoff,” Tomlinson stated.

“Voters in Georgia know we need a strong candidate to take on David Perdue and even though Jon is universally known, a majority of voters have rejected him again. Now that it is a two-person race, we are looking forward to voters learning more about my record as a successful two-term Mayor and Public Safety Director who has won elections and governed and governed well. I am confident voters will conclude that I am the candidate who can beat David Perdue in November,” Tomlinson continued.

Tomlinson’s entry into the runoff comes on the heels of late-breaking endorsements from some of Atlanta’s top influencers, including Ludacris, Usher, TI, Lil Yachty, who, along with Ice Cube, all recognize that Tomlinson is the leader we need for these times.

In addition, Tomlinson joins with the Georgia NAACP in their call to:

  • Stop mail in ballot applications and allow mail-in ballots to automatically be sent to all registered voters;
  • Recruit and train poll workers;
  • Allow same day voter registration;
  • Update the Georgia Secretary of State database; and,
  • Allow certified, sworn vote facilitators to collect and deliver mail-in ballots.

All mail-in ballots must be postage prepaid, ample paper ballots must be provided on demand at all precincts, more polling places must be opened and the Secretary of State must take a proactive role in ensuring that all counties have the resources and systems they need to effectively administer an election.

Tomlinson was twice elected Mayor of Columbus, each time with more than 60%, in a majority African-American city. She also served as Public Safety Director and head of Homeland Security, and she holds a National Security Secret Clearance with the Department of Defense. As mayor, she helped propel the city to be named one of the 25 Best Run Cities in America. As a proud Democrat, Tomlinson is strongly pro-choice, supports universal health care, is committed to strong environmental protections to address climate change, supports common sense gun legislation and will fight tirelessly against voter suppression and racial discrimination.

Teresa has been endorsed by Democracy for America, the National Women’s Political Caucus, the Asian American Advocacy Fund, and over 100 Democratic leaders and activists from every region and every walk of life in Georgia.

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