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Teresa Tomlinson Encourages the Grassroots Democrats Who Are Making Georgia a “Blue” State

There’s never been a more important time to be a Democrat in Georgia!

“I want to tell you how important the work you do is. You’ve been tilling the field for a very long time and, finally, the harvest is here. We are, indeed, a Blue State. The truth is, we’ve been a Blue State for years, but Democrats don’t vote and when they do vote, their votes aren’t being counted. So, your efforts, your leadership in getting people to the polls is crucial. It increases voter volume to help outweigh the bad voting process we have. We have to fight the bad process on every front – attacking bad policies and practices, and increasing voter turnout. Getting progressive leaders elected and progressive policies in place starts with grassroots efforts in our 159 counties. And, that’s what you do.

This morning, I want to speak to the jarring news coming out of Virginia related to Governor Northam. I feel certain he will resign. I don’t understand the delay, but these revelations remind me of what we as a people have walked by – have complicity accepted – for far too long. When it comes to this type of generational bigotry and the systemic sexism spotlighted by the Me Too movement, what even people of good conscience walked by is inexcusable. This won’t be tolerated anymore. It’s up to Democrats and the progressive movement to show people that there is a firm and stable hand on the progress of humanity. And, to show that government matters, and that government can help us be a better people.

But, none of that can happen if we don’t have the process in place to get the right people in leadership and insist on right and just policies. That’s where you come in. We think the people we elect are the end all and be all. It’s you guys making the difference, the quiet, volunteers and leaders making this movement happen. I thank God for you. You are the stewards of the new era we are entering. Its’ a better day. The young people do not think like we did. They are intolerant of intolerance. They won’t have it. They won’t walk by anything. It’s our job. our duty to make sure they have a structure to inherit for their progressive, solution-making ideals.

It’s really dependent on you all and on what happens in the 2020 election. So, thank you. Your efforts and volunteerism are critically important. We see you, we thank God for you, and I am so proud to be a Muscogee County Democrat.

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