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My husband and I tried for a decade to conceive a child. In the end, that was not the path God set forth for me. I chose, then, to devote my desire to leave a legacy to the realm of public service, not motherhood.

As women — and men who respect and support women — we need to understand the immensely intimate and emotional matters of reproductive rights. The government should not dictate to women and their doctors what medical procedures to use. No one should sit in judgment of a woman who has made the best decision for herself and her family, because no one knows better — surely not politicians.

I have supported EMILY’s List and Georgia’s WIN List since the 1990s. I have unwaveringly supported women’s reproductive rights, including abortion rights, my entire adult life and will continue to do so.

— Teresa Tomlinson


  • I believe that women’s reproductive rights are basic human rights.
  • I believe that bodily autonomy is an essential component of the freedom and equality guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.
  • I believe that politicians should stay out of the private and highly individualized medical considerations of a woman’s reproductive health.
  • I reject the notion that a pregnancy creates an independent “person” under the law. Indeed, a woman is the sole fiduciary of her body and any pregnancy she carries.
  • I support the fundamental right to abortion enshrined by Roe v. Wade and will only vote for the confirmation of federal judges who commit to adhere to the bedrock judicial principle of stare decisis.
  • I support the repeal of policies, including the Hyde Amendment, which prohibit abortion coverage for women who get their reproductive care through government-administered healthcare programs.

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